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Atomwise partners with Sanofi to develop five targeted drugs

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On August 17, Atomwise announced that it has entered into a strategic and exclusive research collaboration with Sanofi to leverage its AtomNet® platform for computational discovery and drug research targeting up to five drug targets. Under the agreement, Sanofi will pay an upfront payment of $20 million to identify, synthesize and advance the development of up to five lead compounds for which Sanofi will have exclusive development rights. Subsequent payments are subject to key research, development and sales milestones, totalling up to $1.02 billion.

AtomNet uses deep learning for structure-based drug design. Atomwise’s approach transforms the drug discovery paradigm from serendipitous discovery to structure-based search, making the drug discovery process more rational, efficient and efficient. The AtomNet platform combines deep learning for structure-based drug design, enabling fast, AI-driven searches of Atomwise’s proprietary library of more than 3 trillion synthesizable compounds.

Frank Nestle, global head of research and chief scientific officer at Sanofi, said: “At Sanofi, we are committed to delivering higher quality to patients faster, powered by our advanced AI drug discovery engine. “We are delighted to partner with Atomwise as they lead the field in virtual screening and AI-based molecular design. Together, we are committed to making the drug discovery process more efficient and effective, especially in the areas that can be used to support drug design. with very limited information.”

Commenting on the Atomwise transaction, Atomwise co-founder and CEO Abraham Heifets said: “At Atomwise, our mission is to leverage our unique technology to enable faster manufacturing by unlocking targets inaccessible to traditional small molecule discovery methods. Better medicines. We are excited about this collaboration with Sanofi, which will continue to demonstrate the important role that AI platforms will play in accelerating the discovery of new treatments.”