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Novel Photoimmunotherapy Clears Cancer Cells

cancer cells

Cancer cells are malignant tumor cells derived from epithelial cells, which have the characteristics of infinite proliferation, transformation and easy transfer. Recently, scientists have found that the use of photoimmunotherapy can “light up” and remove cancer cells.

It is reported that the treatment of cancer cells currently includes surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, molecular targeted therapy, interventional and hyperthermia, etc. However, some tumor metastases are often close to important organs, so new treatment methods are developed to prevent damage to important parts of the body .

Scientists have developed a new type of photoimmunotherapy that uses light to transform an immunosuppressive environment into one that is vulnerable to immune attack. The therapy combines special fluorescent dyes with cancer-targeting compounds that make cancer cells glow in the dark, giving doctors who remove tumors clearer information.

Not only that, but the therapy even stimulates the body’s immune response and may prevent the recurrence of later cancer cells. Of course, the experiment was temporarily used to treat mice with glioblastoma. The researchers said they will study how to make the method work as soon as possible. Treatment of human cancer.