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Questions about coupling kits in experiments

coupling kit

1. Q: What should I do if I want to reuse the ultrafiltration tube provided in the coupling kit?
Use a pipette tip to absorb a certain amount of 0.1 mol NaOH to clean the filter membrane 1-2 times, the purpose is to wash off the residual substances on the filter membrane;
Rinse the filter membrane 2-3 times with double distilled water to wash away NaOH;
Soak the ultrafiltration tube in 20% ethanol until the next use. The purpose is to inhibit bacteria and prevent the filter membrane from drying. After the filter membrane is dried, the performance of the filter membrane will be lost.

2. Q: Can the ultrafiltration tube provided in the coupling kit be reused?
Answer: It is not recommended to reuse it. Repeated use may cause the performance of the ultrafiltration tube to decrease.

3. Q: The conjugate to be conjugated is IL-10 with a molecular weight of 18.6 kD. It is estimated that 1 mg of protein is to be conjugated. Which specification and model should be selected?
A: The specification of 1 mg is recommended, and the model of ultrafiltration tube with 3K ultrafiltration tube is selected.

4. Q: How many samples can be conjugated with labels?
Answer: If the experiment is carried out according to the operation instructions, the coupling efficiency of more than 90% can be guaranteed.

5. Question: How to judge whether there are free amino groups on the protein?
Answer: If it is a common protein molecule, you can find out whether there are free amino groups by querying the amino acid primary structure of the protein.

6. Q: How to judge the success of sample coupling?
A: Do absorbance testing and immunological testing.

7. Q: Is the kit a multi-species universal type?
A: It is universal.