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Month: November 2022

targeting MYC

The future of drugs targeting MYC

The transcription factor family consists of c-MYC, L-MYC and N-MYC, which are the main regulators of cellular processes such as cell proliferation, cell differentiation, cell

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What is vaccine adjuvant?

We are not unfamiliar with vaccines, but few people know about vaccine adjuvants. The so-called adjuvant refers to the substance added to the vaccine that

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ADCC targeting mechanism of CD16a

Antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC) is a potent mechanism of cytotoxicity, mainly mediated by natural killer (NK) cells. When specific antibodies bind to the targeted cell

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Endocytosis of ADC drugs

Antibodies of ADC drugs are antibodies targeting tumor cell antigens, which are linked to small-molecule drug poisons through linkers to kill tumor cells and surrounding

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